UNITY Announces Kyle Pettican as Director of Operations

On Thursday, March 21, UNITY Football Club announced Kyle Pettican as the club’s first-ever Director of Operations. 

UNITY Football Club is proud to announce Kyle Pettican as the club’s Director of Operations. Pettican will officially assume his leadership role as Director of Operations and oversee the running of UNITY Football Club on June 1, 2019.

Originally from Portsmouth, England (and now a United States citizen), Pettican had the privilege of playing at Conestoga High School, Cabrini University and professionally with the Delaware Stars.

Having obtained his USSF “D” license in 2018, at just age 22, Pettican is dedicated and motivated to continue adding to his credentials, and he plans to obtain his USSF “C” license this summer.

“I am truly privileged to have the opportunity to take over and lead a brand new club, and continue the great foundation work that is already in place,” Pettican said via an email on Thursday.

“The program structure we are offering is unique, family-friendly and very cost effective,” Pettican added.

“We encourage multi-sports athletes and believe that youth soccer should be fun and progressive, with a platform aimed at making lifelong friendships. I am excited about the staff we currently have, and will continue to put into place, and I look forward to seeing UNITY FC grow over the next few years.”

“Additionally I am extremely fortunate to have, in my opinion, the best mentor in U.S. Youth Soccer to bounce ideas off of, share my concerns with, and talk through possible solutions while discussing club development,” Pettican said. “To tap into 25 years of knowledge is priceless.”

“Growing up, I watched my dad personally elevate three youth soccer organizations from ground zero and, in the process, take those teams to No. 1 in the country, win countless state and regional championships, and have teams represented in national championships,” Pettican explained.

“Without a doubt, he is arguably the best coach, club director and mentor this region has produced in the past two decades,” Pettican said. “That statement would be echoed by the hundreds of past and present players playing in collegiate and/or professional soccer today, who have had the privilege of being part of his teams and programs. His dedication to growing soccer in the U.S. for a quarter of a century is inspiring and certainly motivational.”

Players, parents and members of the media can find a PDF of Pettican’s resume below:

Pettican, Kyle Resume

Author: UNITY Communications

Curator of UNITY News