UNITY Signs on to EPYSA Tryout Initiative

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Club Operations Director, Kyle Pettican, above, signs on to the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA) May 1 Tryout Initiative. UNITY Football Club joined more than 40 other clubs in signing the agreement, which guarantees youth players the opportunity to participate and develop for an entire season.

UNITY Football Club has signed on to the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA) May 1 Tryout Initiative, which ensures every youth player a full season of participation without the stress of an early tryout date or being released from their respective clubs.

UNITY Operations Director, Kyle Pettican was happy to sign the agreement.

“This is a brilliant, first step in the right direction regarding youth soccer,” Pettican said. “As the years go on youth soccer is becoming more about the final result rather than what truly matters: skill development and having fun while playing. I would like to thank Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association [EPYSA] for starting this agreement, and I look forward to seeing the next steps in place to benefit our young athletes.

I would also like to thank our UNITY Community, who have been nothing but supportive of the decisions that have been made thus far. We are excited for a stress free Spring season and the ability to prepare for tryouts correctly.”

EPYSA brought more than 50 clubs together to sign the Initiative.

“We as coaches, parents, and administrators should continue the effort to provide what is best for every child playing soccer,” EPYSA said. “Early try-outs, ID clinics or so-called kick arounds for the purpose of identifying players creates undue pressure on a child and in many instances the parents as well.

This initiative has also brought clubs together. Clubs who approved of the initiative have united and see themselves as supporters of a child’s best interests rather than adversaries who compete against each other.”

Author: UNITY Communications

Curator of UNITY News