Raffle Benefiting the Selcher Family

UNITY Football Club will be holding a raffle at the fundraiser for UNITY Mom, Erin Selcher on February 16. Proceeds will help support the Selcher Family during this time of need.

Each ticket can be purchased for $1, or attendees can purchase 12 tickets for $10. Simply write your name and phone number on the back of each ticket so we know who to call if you win.

In total, there are 9 prizes that attendees can attempt to win. Simply put the ticket (or tickets) in the bag(s) of the prize that you wish to try and win. The raffle will start at 5 PM and will close at 8:30 PM.

We will announce the winner from 8:30 onwards. If you are not able to stay for the duration, Club Director Kyle Pettican will contact you to arrange for you to claim your prize.

Author: UNITY Communications

Curator of UNITY News