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Ahead of the 2023/2024 club season, UNITY Football Club wishes to reaffirm its core values and overall commitment to the Club’s players and their families.

Equal Opportunities

At UNITY, we believe in showing fairness by giving each player equal playing time, provided they are putting the work in at training. We offer more opportunities for players to play at the top events than most clubs around.

Family Club

As much as we love the sport, we believe that family always comes first. We do our best to avoid playing on major holiday weekends (unless the team votes to), as we believe this time should be spent with family.

Philadelphia Union Affiliation

UNITY is affiliated with our local Major League Soccer club, Philadelphia Union. We receive supplemental training from Union coaches, discounted fees for Union events, and increased exposure to scouts whom can award select players invitations to the Union PPP program.

Adidas Gear

UNITY is an Adidas club, sponsored by a local business, Angelo’s Soccer Corner. Our players receive top Adidas gear to play and train in, that is renewed every 2 years.

Cost Effective

UNITY offers exposure to professional coaches, a high level and frequency of training year round, in addition to tournaments, showcases, and league play for the All in Cost of $1,999 (including uniforms).

College Exposure

UNITY is committed to assisting your player from the grassroots to the university level. UNITY uses the FieldLevel app, which instructs families on college recruitment and provides a network of current college coaches and former players to families.

UNITY also attends the top showcases in the region, providing further exposure to college coaches.

All Round Development

UNITY not only takes pride in developing youth soccer players, the Club also places a massive emphasis on developing life skills such as sportsmanship, teamwork, work ethic, and respect.

Fun Environment

Our coaches always make sure to implement fun into their sessions, so that kids actually enjoy coming to practice (if something isn’t fun, why do it?).

Putting Kids First

At the end of the day, this is YOUTH soccer, not the World Cup. Everyone wants to win, naturally, but this is about the kids becoming better soccer players, better people, and having fun while doing so.


One of UNITY’s core tenets is Loyalty. Your player should never worry about his or her place within the club. We are loyal to honoring roster spots to those players who are loyal to the Club, which includes representing it proudly on and off the field, attending practices, and showing respect to teammates, coaches, and other players.

This is our reassurance to families that your player will always have their place within the Club, provided that they are committed and loyal throughout the season.

Author: UNITY Communications

Curator of UNITY News

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