Coach Screenings

Required Screenings

Pursuant to US Club Soccer Policy, UNITY Football Club coaches are required to submit background screenings approximately every other year. UNITY coaches can find the required screenings via the following links that have been provided below:

Pennsylvania Access To Criminal History (PATCH)

Child Abuse History Clearance (CAHC)

US Club Risk Management

Members of US Club Soccer also have a duty to “report potential risk management issues of which they become aware,” which includes self-reporting of registered staff member(s) at their club, or of another registered staff member at an external club.

UNITY members can use the following form to submit a general risk management concern(s) about an incident(s) that must be reported which include, but are not limited to, arrests for a felony or other crime of violence, sexual misconduct, or any other act or pattern of behavior which may have or in the future may put youth players at risk.

Members are encouraged to err on the side of reporting, and allow for US Club Soccer to ascertain whether a disqualification from participation is warranted.

US Club Risk Management