UNITY Mission Artwork“At UNITY, we strive to foster an environment that is free from the ‘fear of failure,’ an environment where our players can explore and be creative without the fear of making mistakes. We believe that such an environment, with no limitations, is where our players can flourish and realize their potential both as soccer players and individuals.”OUR GOALS UNITYMake Soccer Affordable Again

UNITY Football Club aims to eliminate the unnecessary costs and fees that are prevalent in youth soccer.

UNITY Goals Artwork

Provide Families More Family Time

UNITY Football Club aims to give back to families, providing them with more family time in addition to a better professional product and experience than any club in the region.

UNITY Goals Family.png

Give the Game Back to the Coach and Players

There is far too much micro-managing in the modern game, which ultimately restricts the coach and players. At UNITY, we believe the coach is the leader while his team comprises the players AND their parents. At UNITY, we TRUST our coaches.

Provide Equal Opportunities

UNITY Goals Coaches.png

If families “buy in” and believe in what we are doing at UNITY, we will guarantee equal opportunities.

Educate and Develop Both Players and Parents

UNITY Goals Opportunity.png

At UNITY, we are all one team.

UNITY Goals Educate

Ensure All Club Decisions Benefit All Our Members

At UNITY, our decisions are made by qualified soccer professionals with vast amounts of experience in the sport, who make decisions while keeping the interests of our members in mind.

UNITY Goals Benefit.png

Provide Top-Level Training Facilities

Today’s modern game demands that, for players to develop, they need to be playing and training consistently on turf —outdoor and indoor — and/or on quality grass fields.

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