About Us

UNITY ABOUTFounded in 2018, UNITY Football Club is a youth soccer club that is located in and serves the Greater Philadelphia region.  


UNITY was formed with the primary purpose of providing families opportunities to play in a program that is cost effective, offers great facilities, and is directed by experienced soccer professionals, with the best interests of the players being paramount.

UNITY proudly boasts that all decisions are made to better our program, and are weighed by soccer professionals who are certified, have vast experience in the game and are dedicated to making sure UNITY is a club families want to be part of.

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UNITY Road Map and Core Values

UNITY Football Club has a mission to develop a program that is structured to better service our members.

At UNITY, our Core Values are centered around the tenets of Family, Gratitude, Integrity, Excellence, Respect, Loyalty, Discipline, Passion, Accountability and Competitiveness. We strive to uphold these values in everything that we do as a club.